Welcome to The Wood

My name is Daniella Finewood, and welcome to my blog. Here you will find a myriad of my many adventures, this is where I share travel secrets, expose untold stories, and raise awareness to deeply buried truths.

I’ve been a restless soul since I was small, dreaming through the pages of fairytales; my mind always on those faraway lands filled with beauty and darkness. With age, I have made it my life to turn these dreams of adventure into reality; but with a twist.

I travel to write and I write for you. I write for the unheard, i write to shed light on mysterious worlds and dark destinations, and to tell unspoken stories. I write to dig into corrupt industries and expose truth.

Knowledge is power my friends.

Come along with me on my adventure, I’m here to share the fun, the fear, and the truth behind every unmarked grave and unjust outcome that I find.

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